Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In the club!!

My team "Shabeb Al-Sahel" club is a simple team which have good players, its classification is 5th in the Lebanese League, although this fact, i am happy to play for it and to win cups in different competitions.

I became the unique player in the club because of the big resemblance between me and "Cristiano Ronaldo", my attendance to the field became different, a huge respect i receive from the players and fans every time i enter the club. My presence in the formation became a major necessity for the manager, club administrations, and the supporters.

The focus on me increased, my training regimes as well, two training sessions every day i used to moan about it but benefited from it, then soon i was chosen the "Captain" of the team, the reliance on me became greater and greater day after day. In addition, my very presence on the field increased the numbers of the supporters who come and watch the games.

When a game is finished, my teammates ask me questions about "Cristiano Ronaldo" and his latest news and matches, instead of asking me about my last game to our team, such as the performance of "Cristiano Ronaldo" on "Real Madrid" and "Portugal" matches too. Even in our away matches, i notice a big respect and impression from the away team and its supporters, so when i score a goal against the opposition, their supporters and fans clap to me and don't get bothered from that...

The media always wants to know the latest news about me in the team, it's focus on my movements, transfer, and sometimes even on my personal life, which bothers quality players in the league which are a bit better than me, but i always seek perfection and my development knows no bounds.