Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Be like Cristiano Ronaldo's ( hairstyle ) .

One of the things that make people more and more shocked and surprised, is my hairstyle, i make it just like "Cristiano Ronaldo" also it appears  proportional with my head which gives me a handsome look and beautiful hairstyle. It is easy and funny, so every one can make it.

First the hair cut should be longer on top and shorter on the sides, and make sure that the hair is thoroughly washed then take a clean towel and dry the hair as much as possible.

After washing, take out a high-quality men's hair styling spray and use it before the application of the hair gel, then take the gel and lightly -- but completely - cover every part of the hair. Start from the front and work the gel around to the back and down to the nape of the neck.

Begin with a slightly swept-back look and then stand up in a spiky kind of manner in the mid-scalp region.

When i finish, i become more like "Cristiano Ronaldo" and that what impresses people more.

Be like Cristiano Ronaldo's ( body ) .

If you want to get a body like "Cristiano Ronaldo" you should exercise jogging, weightlifting, aerobics, and get good supplements. 

Jogging is probably the most important exercise that you should include in your workout regimen in order to become a soccer player who has a strong and beautiful body. Jogging burns unnecessary pounds, stimulates the heart, and cleanses the lungs. Jogging can help one reach their ideal weight in a matter of a few weeks. One should jog at least one to three times per week specially soccer players.

 Weightlifting is very important for every soccer player, given the nature of football that need physical strength and hardness in order to survive in the field and endurance, so it is one of the most popular training regimens around today. It has been around for many years. Weightlifting can help improve strength and develop muscles. One should get involved in a solid weightlifting routine if they are interested in developing lean and cut muscles.

 Aerobics is the easiest practice, it can be done in anytime and in any place, so it should not be an obstacle for any player, it is the perfect complement to jogging. It also serves the purpose of stimulating the heart and cleansing the lungs. Aerobics also helps one tone their muscles, build their stamina, and improve their confidence in their athletic ability.

 It is all about practice and continuation, the result will depend on your practice, it is not hard  and it does not take a long time to start getting the result.  

Friday, 26 November 2010

Your style effect.

Give a great importance to your appearance and look, that is very influential, especially in football.

 So you have to choose what is suitable for you, your hairstyle, dress, and shoes, before any considering to your performance, crowd view your style first.

 In many cases we notice that crowd likes a player very much and enjoy watching him a lot , although to his normal performance and skills, so try to get rid of all the problems suffered by your appearance, such as choosing the right hair style for your head, the treatment to all the problems of the face and skin, maintain the decent and beautiful appearance to your dress, maintaining the natural size and weight of your body, follow fashion, and crowd interests. 

 Outer look was often indicates the character of the individual, the coach and the team management consider the style of the player and his personality in a serious and important way, so you should know the importance of this part and its role in attracting the eyes of the public and their admiration.

Patience of the successful player.

Patience is the key of success, without patience you can't reach anywhere, in football you can't always win.

 In a lot of games and competitions you will lose it, that is inevitable, and that what happens with all players and teams, therefore, player injuries in the body and disputes or any thing else should not prevent player from keep walking and working, that injury often be strong and tough,  you need to treat it by medication and patience together.

 Player also exposed to a strong and large psychological and pressures problems Such as what happened with "Ronaldo" in the 2006 World Cup in a dispute that happened between him and "Rooney" and the exit of "England" from the world cup, almost all "England" did not want to welcome and receive "Ronaldo", But he insisted to come and play with "United",  he was subjected to a huge psychological pressures, and underwent sessions with a psychiatrist, and his performance stunned the crowd, to bypass the problem with patience.

 This is an example of successful and distinguished player, so that problem and other problems may face you at any time and stage, so you'll need patience to enjoy that long and interesting journey

Health care for the player.

Your health affects essentially on your performance, such as the status of blood, nerves, heart condition, nutrition, and allergies.

 You should always make sure that the status of the blood in your body is good and your blood is not weak, and if it does, then you have to find the causes of weakness and to eat regular meals which strengthens the blood, as well as nutritional status, try to avoid meals that are not beneficial to you, and to eat always meals rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins in a weekly and specific meals.

 You know that your heart is your life and the engine to your body, so don't neglect this basic engine, try to reduce your alcohol drinking and eating butter, while increase your vegetables and grains eatings, also in the night try to avoid sleeping on the north side on the heart,  this leads to heart fatigue during jogging, and reduce your weight to the ideal weight, also try to do medical checkup regulary.

 Give a great attention and care to the nerves of your body, you are a football player, stress is your ally in every competition and challenge, thats why you should maintain your relaxant and calm for your nerves through the use of the "Jakuzzi" and "massage therapy", to get a longer performance and accurate results through play.

Make sure that good health leads to a stronger and longer performance in addition to a more accuracy through play.

The role of practice in soccer.

"The more you play the more you grow", this sentence uttered by senior soccer players worldwide, since the older generation to the current generation, such as "Pele", "Maradona", and these days "Ronaldo" and "Messi".

 While the meaning of this sentence is very broad and big, you should know that each single training, each single match, and each single practice, even if it was small and simple, friendly or formal games, will increase your abilities, experience, skills and your control on the ball.

 Don't let any thing prevent or stop you from practicing soccer, such as your university or your job. just keep remembering always that there are now poeple developing there skills, abilities, and their position.

 The most important thing in training is "continuity", always try to keep your training done in all times and occasions, such as holidays, festivals, bad weather, examinations...your body muscles and your mind need that continuity, every muscle in your body needs to exercise, all successful and special soccer players train every muscle in their bodies every day, otherwise, if your training was intermittenly, and non-systemically, your muscles will become weak and non taut.

 Split time is the solution, an individual can do four different jobs during the day, so you can maintain getting out with your friends, studying, and your job in addition to your training.

 Try to increase the number of games played with friends during the week, also try to participate in all tournaments because that will give you the experience and a highest skills, so don't just sit and wait for others to arrange for you your trainings and matches. In case your friends are busy or unable to practice training, take the advantage to do it alone, like what i did several times, run and practice some stretching, that will help to maintain your physical fitness. During your training, you have to combine control, fitness, skill, speed, and strength.

 Dont waste time, get rid of all the consequences, and the start the journey.

Learning in soccer.

Learning is essential for success, specially in soccer, there are a lot of things that can't be learned or observed by just watching matches and videos on television or the internet, it is the key factor in any game or profession.

 Whether you have a rank in a team or not, there are many sources that provide you with the necessary informations needed by each soccer player to become a successful and a required player, such as soccer schools, soccer magazines, soccer researches, in addition to soccer learning websites and watching "excellent teams matches" in close-up by your attendance in the stadiums.

 But it remains the best and most successful to join a soccer school or a soccer club, even a small and simple club like what i did at the beginnig, that club has a psychological, physical, and technical care and development for you, and a system which guides you always to your right way to maintain that care and development.

 In learning there is no end, you should not stop at a certain point, and dont think that you've reached a sufficient stage, even "Cristiano" continues to receive instructions and lessons from the coach, so don't waste your time, you choose your ways which are alot, the more you learn the more you are able to do more.

Faith in your dreams.

  Its time to believe in all your soccer dreams, you have first believe that God is the designated and the assistant to you at all stages of your life.

 This faith gives you great hope and strength to achieve all your dreams and goals, the more your faith is strong, fine, and good, the more you are mentally strong and fine.

 Psychcological state is the most important factor and it is essential for success in all your work, whether in soccer or not. It is true that trust is through this faith, your confidence in your God and trust in your self will be stronger and more powerful, you should always keep your prayers before any training or any match, even friendlies.

 As we notice that all successful and amazing soccer stars like "Cristiano" and "Messi" prays before every match and when scoring every goal too. Therefore, this important belief depends on the extent of your faith and believes.

 Although every one of us has his own ways but that will not make any difference.