Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo look alike!! (my story)

Hi my name is Mahdi, iam 22 years old, i live in Bieruth Lebanon and iam a soccer player.

Since i was a kid, i dreamed to become a professional soccer player, i loved football too much, i started playing since i was 9 years old in a small club called Al-Nahda Club for two years.

Game after game, year after year i developed my skills, by training every day, by patience, and by soccer games, that i played, and by watching "Cristiano Ronaldo's" videos (skills and tricks) every day, then try to apply what i saw in these videos in training and games.. untill i became a premuim player,i signed a contract with "Shabeb Al-Sahel" club when i was twenty, to play in the first league in Lebanon.

In the summer of 2007, my story started, i had a friendly match with my friends, this game was just for fun and training, i chose Manchester United t-shirt from my closet then i went to the field.

The name of that t-shirt was "RONALDO", i went to the field, and when i reached my friends i was surprized by the looks on me from every where, shock was evident on their faces, i heard words like waw, amazing, wonderful,  what's this!. I started playing as usual, i was able to do all tricks and doings of Cristiano Ronaldo, that's what shocked every one more and more inside and outside the field.. When i looked outside, i found people taking pictures and videos of me, and when that long match finished, people approached me and they began asking "how did you made it!? do you know Cristiano Ronaldo?! is there any consanguinity between you and Ronaldo?!.."

Gradually..the news spread throughout the town, then in the whole state. Club's supporters and fans no longer come to watch their team only, but to watch the "exceptional marvel", Cristiano's twin who looks like him in every thing, his body, face, play, soccer skills and tricks. A greater respect i got from both, the club and the fans, specially the manager who observed the evolution of my skills and my performance.

When i walk on the road, people look at me, some of them tells me "I know you.. your face is familiar to me"  and others say " wow he looks like Cristiano.. that's amazing", and in a lot of times, i look behind me and i see some people follows me to my house or club and to my university wanted  to ask me questions and take pictures of me. So that a lot of people who knows me still don't know my real name, they used to call me "Cristiano ronaldo", so i got a new name.

In spite of this issue causes a lot of pressure on me sometimes, but i don't deny lot of things that "Cristiano" has given me, my life changed, i became a great player which is able to reach anywhere and to achieve my goals and dreams.