Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Friday, 26 November 2010

The role of practice in soccer.

"The more you play the more you grow", this sentence uttered by senior soccer players worldwide, since the older generation to the current generation, such as "Pele", "Maradona", and these days "Ronaldo" and "Messi".

 While the meaning of this sentence is very broad and big, you should know that each single training, each single match, and each single practice, even if it was small and simple, friendly or formal games, will increase your abilities, experience, skills and your control on the ball.

 Don't let any thing prevent or stop you from practicing soccer, such as your university or your job. just keep remembering always that there are now poeple developing there skills, abilities, and their position.

 The most important thing in training is "continuity", always try to keep your training done in all times and occasions, such as holidays, festivals, bad weather, examinations...your body muscles and your mind need that continuity, every muscle in your body needs to exercise, all successful and special soccer players train every muscle in their bodies every day, otherwise, if your training was intermittenly, and non-systemically, your muscles will become weak and non taut.

 Split time is the solution, an individual can do four different jobs during the day, so you can maintain getting out with your friends, studying, and your job in addition to your training.

 Try to increase the number of games played with friends during the week, also try to participate in all tournaments because that will give you the experience and a highest skills, so don't just sit and wait for others to arrange for you your trainings and matches. In case your friends are busy or unable to practice training, take the advantage to do it alone, like what i did several times, run and practice some stretching, that will help to maintain your physical fitness. During your training, you have to combine control, fitness, skill, speed, and strength.

 Dont waste time, get rid of all the consequences, and the start the journey.

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