Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Health care for the player.

Your health affects essentially on your performance, such as the status of blood, nerves, heart condition, nutrition, and allergies.

 You should always make sure that the status of the blood in your body is good and your blood is not weak, and if it does, then you have to find the causes of weakness and to eat regular meals which strengthens the blood, as well as nutritional status, try to avoid meals that are not beneficial to you, and to eat always meals rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins in a weekly and specific meals.

 You know that your heart is your life and the engine to your body, so don't neglect this basic engine, try to reduce your alcohol drinking and eating butter, while increase your vegetables and grains eatings, also in the night try to avoid sleeping on the north side on the heart,  this leads to heart fatigue during jogging, and reduce your weight to the ideal weight, also try to do medical checkup regulary.

 Give a great attention and care to the nerves of your body, you are a football player, stress is your ally in every competition and challenge, thats why you should maintain your relaxant and calm for your nerves through the use of the "Jakuzzi" and "massage therapy", to get a longer performance and accurate results through play.

Make sure that good health leads to a stronger and longer performance in addition to a more accuracy through play.

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