Cristiano Ronaldo look alike

Cristiano Ronaldo amazing look alike!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Learning in soccer.

Learning is essential for success, specially in soccer, there are a lot of things that can't be learned or observed by just watching matches and videos on television or the internet, it is the key factor in any game or profession.

 Whether you have a rank in a team or not, there are many sources that provide you with the necessary informations needed by each soccer player to become a successful and a required player, such as soccer schools, soccer magazines, soccer researches, in addition to soccer learning websites and watching "excellent teams matches" in close-up by your attendance in the stadiums.

 But it remains the best and most successful to join a soccer school or a soccer club, even a small and simple club like what i did at the beginnig, that club has a psychological, physical, and technical care and development for you, and a system which guides you always to your right way to maintain that care and development.

 In learning there is no end, you should not stop at a certain point, and dont think that you've reached a sufficient stage, even "Cristiano" continues to receive instructions and lessons from the coach, so don't waste your time, you choose your ways which are alot, the more you learn the more you are able to do more.

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